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University of California Named as the Defense in a Personal Injury Claim Filed by Former Football Player

The University of California has been named as the defendant in a civil personal injury lawsuit filed by a former football player. According to the paperwork, Bernard Hicks feels the football program was responsible for medical problems he developed as a result of concussions he suffered while a member of their Golden Bears football team.

Records indicate that Hicks was one of the Golden Bear’s safety’s from 2004-2008. He claims that during that time, he received multiple concussions and that his current quality of life has been diminished as a direct result of the injuries.

image (2)In the paperwork Hicks filed, he states that as a result of the concussions he sustained as a college football player, he now has permanent and debilitating” neurological injuries. He reports that the concussions have left him fighting bouts of dizziness and memory loss, that he suffers from depression and entertains thoughts of suicide, and that he struggles with blurred and double vision.

University of California head football coach, the team’s physician, and the programs head athletic trainer have also been listed in the personal injury claim as defendants.

Hicks has hired personal injury lawyer, Matthew Whibley, to assist him on the case. Whibley feels that the university and football program failed to provide adequate medical care for his client and that the school neglected to make sure his client fully understood the long term ramifications and neurological diseases of continuing to play the game even after suffering from the head injuries. Whibley feels that had his client been better educated on the topic of head injuries, he would have made some different decisions about his college football career.

“The university is the players’ caretaker,” Whibley said. “We think it would be fair for them to at least inform the players what they’re getting themselves into.” During his college career, Hicks played in a total of 32 games as a Golden Bear.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARkAAAAJGFjODFjNGMyLTFhN2EtNDgyNi1hN2Q4LWRhY2UyOTI3MDgzMw “The medical community is only just now starting to fully comprehend the long term impact a head injury has on a person’s overall health and cognitive well-being. It’s my belief that sports programs are not doing everything they should to protect their athletes and that many coaches continue to have a play through the pain training style that has led to many players taking the field when they should actually be in a hospital bed.”

Boy-with-trauma-of-the-headPersonal injuries aren’t always things like broken legs and severe lacerations, they can also be head injuries, spinal injuries, and even neurological conditions. The important thing you need to remember is that if you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re entitled to a settlement.

Don’t try to resolve a personal injury case by yourself. It’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney and get their opinion. Not only will they help you properly file your lawsuit, but they’ll also investigate the case and help you create a solid case that will result in a generous settlement.