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String of Arsonist Fires set by Volunteer Firefighters

The entire state was shocked when a recent fire at Yemassee Fire Station was ruled to be arson rather than a spontaneous, accidently blaze. The revelation that the fire was created by two firemen was another blow. Now it’s been announced that the same two firefighters are believed to have started additional fires.


South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division announced that they are confident enough that both 22-year-old Christopher Williams and 21-year-old Dominique Thompson started deliberately set two more fires, that the former fighters have now been charged with multiple counts of 3rd degree arson and 3rd degree burglary.

Both young men had spent time as volunteer firefighters for Yemassee Fire Department and the Sheldon Fire District.

Based on the information listed in the warrants for the arrests of the former firefighters, it appears that Williams in particular was responsible for entering a mobile home with the consent of the property owners and starting a fire. Thompson was responsible for driving both men to the location.

NkRd8.So.9It turns out that in at least some of the arson cases, the two men didn’t work alone. When they set fire to the Yemassee fire station and town hall, 2 people, a town clerk and Deandre Griffen were caught inside the building but managed to escape the blaze. Later, Griffin confessed that he’d had a hand in helping his two fellow firefighters start fires in other parts of the county. The pair is believed to have set fire to the local Family Doller.

Investigators were able to get to the bottom of the string of fires when Griffin decided to confess to his role in the crimes after becoming trapped in the fire house blaze.

“I guess (the other suspects) thought he would turn them in, so that’s when they tried to kill him,” stated Yemassee Fire Chief Paul Holmes said. “When he saw how serious they were, (Griffin) wanted to set the record straight.”


Despite the fact that Griffin had a hand in the arson cases, the fire chief didn’t seem to upset with the young man, who he believes was talked into assisting with the fires. He referred to Griffin as a dedicated volunteer and spoke of the time that Griffin dedicated to filing reports for the department.


The Yemmessee Police Captain feels that the young ex-firefighters started setting the blazes because they became addicted to the adrenaline rush they experienced whenever they responded to a call.

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