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Four-Year-Old Injured in Aventura Watercraft Accident

On Friday morning in Aventura, a child was in a significant watercraft accident and needed to be airlifted to the hospital for treatment. In a canal in the area, there was a man driving recklessly on a watercraft and had a four-year-old child sitting in front of him, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials.

The officials further stated that the man took out a Waverunner and took the child for a ride. Both were on a yacht prior to this. The man collided with a boat and this catapulted the child off of the watercraft.

The child flew into the side of the boat, head-first, and then fell into the water. He was not wearing any head protection, but did have a life vest on. “Just a loud bang when the jet ski hit the boat over there,” reports witness to the accident Devin Robinette. “I saw them when they got the kid out of the water, I think his parents and family were over here getting him out.

Myrtle Beach-Dade Fire Rescue transported the child to Ryder Trauma Center via airlift. Officials reports that the child has a broken eye socket, but was otherwise in stable condition. No other details about the child were available at the time. No information is available about any other injuries as a result of this accident.

Officials did not tell the media about the condition of the driver of the watercraft before or after the accident. The parents have not released a statement as of this time, so information is limited so far.

As more information becomes available through an investigation of the accident, more details will be made available. Information about others injuries and anything that might have caused the crash or contributed to it.

“An injury or death associated with a child is a parent’s worst nightmare and one that can be terribly difficult to cope with,” says Joe and Martin, a managing partner and attorney at a top Myrtle Beach auto accident lawyer. “During a time like this, it is important for parents to have the support and assistance they need, especially when it comes to the potential liability associated with the injury or death. This will help them to better cope with the tragic experience.”

When driving a watercraft, it is important that the driver remain in control the entire time and practice proper safety protocols. Going at a safe speed and being aware of any other watercrafts is critical to ensure safety. All passengers should be riding on the proper area to keep them safe and to avoid distraction during operation.

Both passengers should be wearing the proper safety gear, and this includes the life vest that the child water wearing at the time of the accident.

This accident is a reminder that things can go horribly wrong in a matter of seconds. It is important to be prepared and do what is necessary to avoid accidents in the first place.