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Famous Income Tax Protester Dies in Prison

When Irwin Schiff passed away, the tax protestors lost a valuable asset. Schiff is widely regarded as one of the founding members of the tax protester movement. Schiff spent years protesting the current tax system and pushing for income taxes to be treated as voluntary rather than mandatory.

One of the examples that was famously given whenever the issue of voluntary and mandatory comes up with regards to paying taxes is the military. For the most part, enlisting is something each person is allowed to do under their own free will and the only time this changes is when the government invokes the draft at which point young men are forced to enlist, no matter what.

Schiff was famous for writing a book that discussed the issue. He once said, “Each year American taxpayers voluntarily file their tax returns and make a special effort to pay the taxes they owe”. However, Schiff believed Americans should have the option to refuse to pay taxes. The contents of his book were so strong that the IRS took steps to get a permanent restraining order, which made the sale of Schiff’s book impossible.

Schiff never had any reservations about whether or not he should be required to pay income tax. The problem he ran into was that while his beliefs were popular with the public, they didn’t hold up well in court, which is why he eventually died in a US prison.

Experts in both history and tax law feel that the confusion about whether or not paying income tax should be voluntary stems back to a time when the IRS was still a small agency with a very limited amount of resources. The best they could do was hope that people would pay taxes. Now that the agency has grown in size and it possesses the ability to track down and prosecute those who fail to pay their taxes, paying individual income tax has become compulsory.

Whether you’re like Schiff or are simply someone who has fallen a few years behind on filing taxes, don’t assume that the IRS won’t ever catch up with you. It’s estimated that 43% of American citizens don’t pay their taxes each year. Sooner or later, the IRS will start to crack down on this type of behavior. The best way to make sure you avoid following in Schiff’s footsteps and dying in prison is contacting an IRS tax attorney right away.

The sooner you contact an IRS tax attorney, the sooner they can help you file the necessary paperwork so that the IRS gets your tax papers on record which is an important first step if you want to avoid prosecution. The second thing the IRS tax attorney does is work to come up with a settlement that allows you to pay your tax debt off in a timely manner that doesn’t put a major strain on your finances and lifestyle. If you have unfiled tax returns or have unpaid tax bills from previous years, don’t wait for an IRS agent to knock on your door. Contact an IRS tax attorney today and get the matter settled.

Mother Mourns Death of 4-Year-Old After Motorcycle Crash


Zander Orteja Thomas was a lively 4-year-old with lots of energy and a bright future. In his last moments, he was asking his mother when they could go back to Chuck E. Cheese for another round of pizza and games. Then the unthinkable happened. A motorcycle slammed into the family’s SUV, leaving the child critically injured.


As Supkow reflected on her last moments with Zander, she wishes she had turned around and headed back to Chuck E. Cheese. “I wish I would’ve just stopped and went back,” she said. Instead, the busy mom continued on with her errands and moments later felt the impact when the motorcycle collided with her van. “I felt the truck spin. The tire popped. The car flipped,” she remembered.


At that point, Supkow passed out. When she woke up, her world was forever changed. “I got up and I saw him there. I just wanted to hold him but no one would let me hold him,” she remembered.


According to police reports, the motorcycle driver was thrown from his bike on impact and he landed inside the family’s vehicle. His helmet crushed the child’s head. Emergency workers transported Zander to a local hospital where he was put on life support.


Supkow said seeing her son in the ICU was excruciating. “No activity. I tried talking to him, singing to him, and putting music on. I just sat there and held his hand,” she said. Zander died Tuesday night, just a few days before Halloween, a day he was looking forward to eagerly. “He was going to be the red ranger,” his mother said. Now the grieving mother is facing life without her son. “He was my life. He brought me strength,” she said of the child.


Motorcycle accidents claim hundreds of lives each year. Because the bikes are not as stable and far less visible than other vehicles, they are more likely to be involved in accidents. In fact, the federal government estimates that for every mile traveled in 2013, the number of motorcycle fatalities was 26 times higher than the number of deaths related to cars. When a motorcycle crashes, the driver is at an increased risk of injury or death because they have no protection from an enclosed vehicle.


Ironically, helmets are designed to keep people safe. Serious head injuries are the most common reasons that motorcycle accidents tend to be fatal. Studies show that helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle death and 67 percent effective in preventing accidental brain injuries. Ironically, the helmet designed to keep the driver safe was ultimately what cost little Zander his life.


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